Contenders Week 6: Envyus vs Rogue, Plus a Surprise at the Bottom!

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It's week 6 For Overwatch Contenders, and this week we're looking at a match between Envyus and Rogue, two teams that people were expecting to be in the grand finals but if it goes poorly for Rogue, they could be saying goodbye to their playoff chances.

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Rogue is in a tough spot, FNRGFE owns the tiebreaker so Rogue needs this win to even have a chance at getting into the playoffs. Luckily they have a softball being thrown at them this week... What? They're playing who? Oooh that sucks... Well... Rogue, you sure know how to pick'em.

This week Rogue is going against Envyus to stay in the playoff picture. This will not be an easy task. Rogue has started to come alive in the last few weeks though, getting their shit together in hopes of continuing their stay in Contenders. Soon and AKM have been playing much better recently, kindly helping in the burial of Kungarna

I've always been a fan of Rogue's support duo, and they've been the main reason for Rogue's resurgence. Unkoe was great, especially on Sombra, and Winz always made sure to use his Sound Barrier as a reactionary tool, not giving Kungarna a chance to do big damage. Rogue has also gotten better at disengaging, not always going forward as they are known to do and feeding the enemy team ultimate percentage. That is what we call progress. They've also been doing less triple DPS composition, still a lot of it, using it about 26% of the time, but less than before. It so far is showing results but we'll see if it helps against Envy.

While Winz has been using his ultimates sparingly, I still feel as though Rogue doesn't understand the general concept of saving ultimates. It's been a problem for them since they've started using their triple DPS composition, using them almost as fast as they get them. Please look at how easily they blew four ultimates, Knoxx even using one after the fight was basically over.

On the other side we have Envyus, standing on top of the hill. There's not much I can say about Envyus at this point. Every time I try to state a flaw about them they shore up their defenses and make me look even dumber than I already am. At this point, they just look like their having fun.

Taimou and Effect are true bash brothers and Chipshajen is playing out of his mind. Harryhook is Mr. Dependable also, his Soldier: 76 only being out-shadowed by his Lucio play. Mickie has gotten better at peeling and Cocco is a rock. Their team coordination has been on point only slipping when the other team gets their wits together or someone (Taimou) decides to do something goofy, like, I don't know, play pre-patch Junkrat on Hanamura. 

This'll work out great for him won't it? (It didn't)

This'll work out great for him won't it? (It didn't)

At this point, Envyus' worse enemies are themselves, only they can bring themselves down. They need to keep a fire in their bellies and take every fight like they're still grinding to get into the playoffs. Slacking right before the post-season could cost them dearly.  Right now is Envyus' time to make a statement, "We are the best, do not think you can touch us". Of course, everyone has the ability to shoot themselves in the foot so let's hope that Envy doesn't have the gun in their hands.

The MVP Race

And now for the surprise at the bottom! I need your help, listed below are a few players I think are very deserving of an MVP award from this site. I know I might have left a couple out a couple of players and if you want anyone added to the list please let me know! I know my site is new and small but I'd appreciate the input of the community on choosing players and making a decision. Any clips or stats that would help a case for a player would be helpful. Please either comment here on the site, the Reddit post or on my twitter where I'll share the story.

Coolmatt69 (FNRGFE)

Chipshajen (Envyus)

Jaru (Envision)

Logix (Misfits)

Carpe (Faze)

Effect (Envyus)

Bock1 (123)

Unkoe (Rogue)


Lemme hear from you on Twitter @NoOneLovesGary or u/MelonTuttle on Reddit!