What Eichenwalde Cost: USA vs South Korea

At very high levels of play in esports, sometimes a win or loss comes down to the smallest of mistakes. This past weekend at the Overwatch World Cup Team USA made those mistakes and came up with the L. They might not have capitalized by lesser teams, but they were not facing a lesser team. Eichenwalde was a turning point in the USA vs. South Korea match, and team USA let the game turn away from them. Eichenwalde cost the USA a lot.

Minor mistakes man...

Minor mistakes man...

The Graviton

USA's defense on Einchenwalde started very strong, everyone was pretty much on point. It took almost every ultimate South Korea had to take the first point. Afterwards it snowballed on the second point and started to look rough on the third. Then Sinatraa flexed from his Tracer onto his second most known hero, Zarya. While he initially died very quickly he was brought back by his Mercy and proceeded to build one of the slowest building ultimate's in about 49 seconds of actual fighting. That is pretty impressive. It was exactly what the USA needed to end the game in the next fight, as long as he got the Mercy. All the was needed to win was the death of the Mercy. With the death of the Mercy, South Korea would be on their back foot and closer to being down 0-2 in the set. This did not happen.

What did happen is that Sinatraa had an itchy trigger finger. He used his Graviton Surge too early, which allowed Tobi and Ryujehong to combine their powers and resurrect their team to kill everyone. This in turn allowed South Korea to steamroll the rest of the map and finish in quick fashion. There was a more optimal way that this could have gone down. Sinatraa could have held on to his ultimate until he could have caught one or preferably both of the supports in it. This would have stopped the payload just inside the third point and gave the USA a much easier task to complete. This mistake was caused by impatience on Sinatraa's part and was a big turning point in the match.

you have to stop the d.va

Sometimes you can just tell when something is about to go wrong. FCTFCTN not using his Primal Rage on that door will haunt me for the rest of the year. Team USA was just around the point 3 of Eichenwalde rolling pretty smoothly, the South Korean team were sitting in spawn timers and everyone on Team USA was up and running. The final thing left to do was keep them from touching the cart and stalling until they can rebound and keep them from finishing the map. They then allowed the absolute worst hero onto the point. 

D.Va is, in my opinion, the best character at stalling the point in any given situation. Just to kill her you have to get through her defense matrix, her armor, her and and then wait for her to come out of her suit. That is not a quick process even while trying to burst her down with damage. So you could see why letting her through the door when you have the means to at least try to stop it would be a bad idea. While this misstep would be bad under normal circumstances, it happened against a team that is more than capable of capitalizing on a minor mistake. In another world, Zunba would have been stopped at the door and we would have been looking at South Korea in a rough position. USA had a good start to their attack so we perhaps have could seen them take the point quickly again and take the map in convincing fashion. Instead we had to watch USA feed at the end in a rough to watch minute and a half.

More than luck

South Korea.jpg

These mistakes were in the moment and are so minute that they could be missed by a lesser team. If it were any other team they might have missed the opportunity. It really is unfortunate that they were playing against who they were. South Korea was able to jump onto every mistake that USA made, changing what could have been a 0-3 loss into a victory. The ability to make an individual plays like Zunba did in getting onto the point, and the ability to work together like Ryujehong and Tobi did in covering the resurrection of their key players are what gave South Korea the win on the map. South Korea played their hearts out on this map for their win and it showed it their ability to make the best of a bad situation. Eichenwalde was a turning point in the USA v. South Korea game and South Korea made damn sure it was in their favor.


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