Contenders Playoffs Faze vs Envision, Final MVP Voting!

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Soo... Sorry for the week and a half off. Family business always come first! With that out of the way, let's get into the preview for the most exciting match for the playoffs, Faze going up against Envision!

First up we'll look at what happened the last time Faze went up against Envision, let's swing it over to a live demonstration of the event!

The worst thing Envision has going for them in this match-up is that they pretty much play the exact same style as Faze, just not as well. While Faze has gotten better over the regular season, Envision has been performing worse, losing the last three matches by a combined 2W-11L. This does not look well when it comes to picking a winner in this match.

Envision's approaches have not been looking anywhere near as good recently, and when they have gotten a good one they've had trouble staying in a winning position. Envision has been showing a weak point in their game by not being able to finish fights once they've been extended past a quick wipe on the enemy team. Their supports have a tendency to die earlier on in the fight so it gives them less staying power on the field once the enemy team regroups and takes a second fight to the team. Look here as after approaching beautifully on Einchenwalde, Envision gets stalled out on the point by only a couple of Faze members. 

There are bright spots for Envision, namely Jaru. For the first five weeks of the season the man was on one. His Doomfist is mad aggressive, securing early picks in fights often and putting enemy teams on the back foot from the start of fights. Though this does come with the price of being the one to be picked off early but Envision has been playing around him accordingly, keeping him alive when needed be. He reminds me of the tank player from (now Dallas Fuel) Team Envyus with a high risk/ high reward playstyle. If Envision wants to pull out a win Saturday against Faze, they'll need Jaru at top form.

On the other side of the game we have Faze who have been looking better almost every week, only dropping one match against first place Envyus. Faze has one of the best DPS duos in the word in my opinion with Shadowburn and Carpe. They have great chemistry and can flex off their main heroes to open up the comp a bit. Take a look here as Carpe flexes off his normal hitscan role to bury Kungarna with his Genji

Faze also have the ever trusty FCTFCTN on tank duty and the dependable duo of Rawkus and Joemeister acting as the supports. Rawkus has been playing great, especially on Ana, building his ultimate on the hero very quickly. While getting an ultimate doesn't mean everything, the rate at which he's building them is showing how much healing he's doing to get them. Using a very flank heavy playstyle is not easy for a healer but Rawkus has been making it work even when it's hard to see his teammates most of the time. 

Faze does have the problem of being slow to start. In multiple matches this season of contenders they've taken one to two games to get truly warmed up. This time they've had two weeks to get ready for one opponent so getting off to a slow start can not be a problem as they will be facing an Envision that's looking for revenge. 


                                MVP Finalists

The MVP award has been narrowed down to its final five. With your input I've added Shadowburn and now give you the finalists for the winner. Please answer with your winner in the comments or speak to me on twitter @NoOneLovesGary

Shadowburn (Faze)

CoolMatt69 (FNRGFE)

Effect (Envyus)

Logix (Misfits)

Chiphajen (Envyus)