Miraculous Youngster and GC Busan: New Bloods Taking Over.

The second half of the year for Overwatch has seen a shake-up at the top of the pile. We went from Lunatic-Hai and Kongdoo Panthera looking to be nigh-invulnerable to being punched in the stomach by the same team. Rogue was on top of the world at the beginning of the year, but couldn't keep the same consistency after APEX in Korea. Turns out, there were hungry teams waiting in the wings and we're now finally getting to see them. GC Busan and Miraculous Youngster are on the way up and I'm excited to see them square off.

APAC Premier, where we hope to see these two beasts meet.     

APAC Premier, where we hope to see these two beasts meet.


Miraculous youngster

I first got wind of Miraculous Youngsters when they started to use their anti-dive composition. After seeing them play against Lunatic-Hai and Vici Gaming, I had to find any footage of them I could. This team can ball man. In everything I've watched with them, they seem to have the right player at each position. Their main DPS duo of Leave and YangX1aoLg are absolute monsters on whatever hero they're on. Leave tends to favor the Tracer, while Yang(I refuse to keep typing the entire name) is usually on the Soldier: 76, they both have the ability to flex onto each others heroes which gives enemy teams a hard time to predict a playstyle. 

They are also one of the most aggressive teams when they are on defense. Miraculous Youngster almost reminds me of Rogue with how unrelenting they are in stopping the enemy team. Just take a look at how close they hold Lunatic-Hai on Numbani.

Playing in such a way means that Miraculous Youngster are mad confident in their pure mechanical play to take such risks. They also have good reason to be so confident, as everyone on this team is in such synergy they end up winning the exchanges. 

Miraculous Youngster do have their problems though. Sometimes they can get too aggressive and it sometimes leads to players getting out of position, especially their tank core of Lateyoung and Jiqiren. The aggression that Miraculous Youngster shows can backfire when your two main forms of protection are dead. Risk is a big part of their playstyle, but at the end of the day it is risk. My biggest hope for them is that they get better at having a second option on defense when the aggression fails. 

There's also the fact that Leave has the best 'murderface' in pro Overwatch

Dude looks like a Triad leader.

Dude looks like a Triad leader.

Gc busan


I didn't pay much attention to Apex season 4 when it started, Overwatch Contenders was starting soon and I was getting ready to write all about it. This was my mistake. I did not see the storm that was GC Busan getting ready to descend upon Apex. I tuned into Apex just in time to see this.

GC Busan, the current Apex champions, could not have done what they did in a more awesome fashion. Having to run through Lunatic-Hai, Cloud 9 Kongdoo, Afreeca Freecs and Runaway is not an easy thing to do and not only did GC Busan do it they made it look easy half of the time. 

GC Busan's best attribute to me is their ability to work together and cover for each other's mistakes when someone's waiting to respawn. They also have a man named Profit. This is Profit.


Behind that innocent look is the mind of a killer. In his grand finals appearance against Runaway, Profit managed to get himself 134 kills in 7 games. That is ridiculous. This man is an absolute terror. Even in an era with so many highly skilled Tracer's he made the character look even better in his hands. He has beaten every enemy Tracer he went against this season, giving the same feeling I had watching Effect from Envyus last season. He also has an amazing supporting cast that allows him to do what he does best on the hero. Hooreg, who shares the DPS responsibility, takes the please of playing the Pharah and McCree/Soldier: 76 role. They also have some of the more reserved and defensive Tanks in the scene with Gesture and Woohyal. I'm also a big fan of their Lucio, Closer who builds Sound Barriers quickly and has great timing using them, often using them to end a fight rather than at the beginning.


In the time since I started this write-up we've had the news that Cloud 9 has bought out GC Busan with the intent to use them in the upcoming OWL season. The team will be coupled with the currently signed Kondoo Panthera, making a very formidable team, on paper. Having two different groups with different playstyles come together could also spell disaster for them. My main concern with Cloud 9 fielding this 12 man roster will be synergy issues especially with a team like GC Busan whose biggest strength is their teamwork. While I would love to see Profit and Rascal play together, will a mixed team be better than either one of them? I guess we'll see come December.


A few months ago I had no idea who GC Busan and Miraculous Youngster were, now they're two of my favorite teams to watch. Youngster for their aggression and different types of strategy and Busan for their pure dominance and mechanical skill. Miraculous Youngster seems to only be getting better with each tournament. I have my worries for the synergy of GC Busan with their Cloud 9 signing but I'm also happy to see them on the big stage. The future for these teams is looking pretty bright.

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